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Catalog of natural cosmetics


Would you ever think about putting petroleum derivatives on your face or body?
Would you ever use chemical substances that act like "bombs" and destroy cells?
Do you know what the cumulative effect of poisonous substances on your organs and body means?
If you would like to learn, read the fine print on the chemicals used in cosmetics. If you do not understand what the listed substances are, make a note and look them up on the internet.
Don't worry - there is always time to make changes.

We recommend that you use products you would not think twice about eating.

100% natural, handmade soaps made using cold-process saponification, without chemicals, preservatives or ready-made soap mass. They are made with pure olive oil and the addition of special exotic plant oils and butters with beneficial and therapeutic properties for the face, hair and skin. Our soaps clean deeply and pamper the skin and hair without drying it out because the natural glycerin that is produced during the production process is not removed and remains in the soap.

100% plant-based creams made with pure plant oils and therapeutic herbs without chemicals. Used according to their beneficial properties. The knowledge derived from medicine and pharmacology around the world and passed down through millennia of observation and experiments in botany is safest for your personal health and beauty.

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